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Welcome to the Huddle Engineering blog


The Engineering Team at Huddle has plenty of great stuff to say, and this is our platform to share that stuff with the world. We expect the themes here to be quite technical.

Who are we?

At Huddle we create awesome experiences in collaboration for teams and workers around the world. Our platform is used by small teams, medium-sized companies and huge teams; it’s trusted by government organisations for whom security is a huge concern, cost-aware charities and innovative startups.

The Engineering team is made up of Developers (including graduates), Quality Assurance Engineers, Application Architects, Systems Engineers, Data Scientists, Development Managers, our Programme Director and our CTO. In the wider Product Engineering Team, we also have UX Designers, Product Management, Project Managment, Support Engineers, IT Managment, User Research staff and our Product Director.

It feels pretty cool to write that. Huddle, when I joined was half the size it is today. It’s grown incredibly fast in those 1 year and 9 months, and the Engineering team has seen some great talent joining.

Huddle’s Engineering team is one of the most talented and creative I’ve ever worked with, and if you ask the more senior members of the team they’ll tell you the same thing.

We’re more than just numbers, though. With time, you’ll see blog posts from many members of the team, and hopefully our personalities will shine through.

Why write?

What topics will we be covering?

A broad range of technical or engineering-related topics, such as (but not limited to): * Open-source technologies we are interested in * Open-source technologies we have developed * Agile development practices * Behaviour/Test/Coincidence/whatever-driven development * Programming tips & tricks * Responses to relevant articles posted on other dev blogs (often found on Hacker News)


Yep! So, thanks for reading - hopefully we’ll have more soon. If you’d like to get in touch with us, comment below, feel free to get in touch with us directly using the Twitter links (at the end of each blog post) or take part in the conversations on Hacker News, where we’ll put our blog posts.

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